Measure & Manage Partner Performance

Measure & Manage Partner Performance

Recently, flexion worked in Hobart with our Tasmanian business partner, accountancy firm Wise Lord & Ferguson, to present a seminar titled 'Measure & Manage Partner Performance'.  The event was well supported by the Managing Partners of the major legal firms who came to hear Mike speak from his experience in dealing with this complex subject area.

The seminar covered in some detail the following topics:

  • create the cultural readiness for action
  • align the aspirations of the Partnership
  • establish a framework of performance expectations
  • emphasise capability development
  • a detailed 'case study', and
  • how to have 'the conversation' about performance

The feedback received was very enthusiastic about the coverage of the challenges faced by the leaders of legal firms in this area and the provision of some tools and techniques to assist with the planning and implementation of a performance management process.

"Insightful & realistic - provided confidence that the issues facing our firm are 'normal'"

"Helpful & stimulating - provides incentive for further discussion"

If you are considering introducing a performance management process, or would like to fine-tune your current process, and you would like a copy of the presentation made at the seminar, please send Mike an email and he will respond to you.

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