Board and Executive Support

The performance of the Board of an organisation is important to the achievement of sound outcomes for all stakeholders. Often that performance is compromised by a lack of unity, by an imbalance of personalities, or by a lack of engagement of the members with the strategic issues of importance to the organisation.

In a similar way the Executive of an organisation, the line management whom the Board relies upon to implement its decisions and to bring forward policy and recommendations for debate and endorsement, may also suffer from performance-limiting issues.

Many Boards and Executives suffer from these problems but shy away from taking necessary action, hoping instead that they will ‘right themselves’. It takes courage to deal with failings at this level of any organisation.

Mike is able to bring confidence and courage to those who are responsible for ensuring that their Board, or their Executive, functions in a productive and professional manner. He has international experience working with high level executives and board members to bring about reform, reunification, and performance enhancement. In some cases this will require a strong hand, and Mike’s independence from firm and corporate politics enables him to make the tough calls and to implement recommendations as required.

In other cases, a 'light-touch' approach is required to achieve the outcome desired. This may involve executive coaching, leadership development, or some mentoring to achieve behavioural awareness and change.