Business Succession & Transition

With 1.4 million business owners looking to retire over the next decade, businesses that generate $500 billion (30%) of Australia’s GDP will be transitioned to new ownership and management. At Flexion, we aim to make those transitions as successful as possible – protecting the jobs of the 7.9 million people employed by those businesses.

We help the founders and current owners of businesses improve their readiness for the transition of their business to the next generation of owners, whether they are family, loyal employees or a market sale. The process covers succession planning for the owner, enterprise and stakeholders. The objective is to maximise the value from the transition for the current owner, while setting up the new owner for success.

Our program covers the following critical steps:

1. Reduce Reliance on Current Owner

  • Assign roles of Management & employees
  • Design & implement future reward structure
  • Design Equity vs Non-equity reward structure
  • Consider and appoint Non-Executive Directors

2. Align the needs of Business & Family

  • Design & implement a Family Charter
  • Establish the Investment & ‘dividend’ policy
  • Consider status of Non-management shareholders
  • Design protocols for the employment of family members

3. Building-in Business Growth

  • Settle the plan for future growth
  • Financing of growth agenda
  • Staffing of the business – retention and replacement
  • Maintaining your competitive advantages

4. Preparing the Next Generation to Take Over

  • Who will be involved
  • Identify the skills gap
  • Training & development
  • Reward & recognition
  • Establishing fairness
  • Mentoring the outgoing and incoming

5. Preparing for a Successful Exit

  • Positioning your business for best value
  • Sale of part or whole
  • Ability to extract maximum value
  • Passing over control

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