Diversity & Inclusion

Organisations that value diversity and have inclusive cultures deliver improved business outcomes and experience a highly engaged workforce.  There is now clear evidence that when diversity is managed well organisations experience competitive advantage through:

  • Greater innovation and creativity
  • Improved problem solving and decision making
  • Attracting and retaining the best people
  • Reflecting the composition of their customer base, and
  • An improved understanding of the community in which they operate

We assist organisations through their diversity journey by providing practical, bespoke solutions grounded in a data driven approach. 

We help you in determining the business case, engaging key stakeholders, developing a plan and assisting in the implementation.  We provide you with the support you need, whether it is for a small intervention or an enterprise wide transformation.

Our services include:

  • Establishing your existing D&I footprint
  • Assisting you to build and communicate the case for change
  • Establishing a Diversity Council and governance framework
  • Policy and process development
  • Flexible Working Models
  • Leadership Coaching for an inclusive culture
  • Bias identification and behaviour training
  • Establishing measures and a reporting framework