Leadership Development

At Flexion we believe -

Good leadership creates more leaders – not more followers”

Leadership talent is something that we recognise when we experience it.  We all have a memory of working for, or being around, people who were able to inspire us to contribute to and share in the achievement of their vision.  It is a talent that some are able to display with little effort, while others must consciously work at it over time to effect.

There is no doubt that strong leadership at all levels of your organisation will contribute to high service performance, high retention of clients and staff, and strong financial outcomes.

The development of leaders within your organisation requires an active approach to identifying future leaders, raising their self-awareness in key leadership qualities, and the implementation of a measured coaching and sponsorship program focused at the individual level.

We have developed a program for high potential individuals.  It guides and enhances talent in the following leadership qualities which are important within any organisation.

  • Direction Setting
  • Aligning People
  • Motivating & Inspiring
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Team Leadership
  • Staff Development
  • Role Modelling

Our program covers these important elements:

  • Improved self-awareness (feedback and diagnostic tools)
  • Understanding business strategy
  • Culture, values and brand
  • Financial analysis of the business
  • Clients: relationships, value and pricing

The program is delivered through a combination of self-assessment, individual coaching and group work.