A lack of purpose, direction and alignment had people frustrated and unproductive....

A lack of purpose, direction and alignment had people frustrated and unproductive....


The CEO of an SME contacted Flexion with the issue that his executive team were not performing at the level he required of them individually, and as a team.  All parties were frustrated with the status quo and the productivity from the team, and by extension their individual business teams, was below expectations.

As the business needed to make a step change in market direction and performance, the CEO asked Flexion to review the situation and make recommendations for change.



Mike Watson interviewed each member of the executive team and found some common themes emerged.  They were experiencing a lack of knowledge of: the direction the business was moving in, and where it needed to be for the future; the purpose of the executive team, its mandate and responsibilities; what was expected of them in their executive role, and how that related to their line management role.

The consequence of this confusion was that the individuals competed with each other, their operational groups competed with each other, and the resources of the organisation did not collaborate or team in any way.

Mike worked with the CEO to gain some clarity on what the CEO wished to achieve within the strategic period.  They also identified the key areas of contribution for each of the members of the Leadership Team.  With this information, Mike assisted the CEO to develop a new Charter for the team with clear roles, responsibilities and accountability processes.  The Charter was linked to the strategic objectives of the organisation and to the contribution that the CEO wished to make.  Mike assisted the CEO to hold an individual meeting with each team member in which he provided them with a clear understanding of his expectations of them in their line role and as a member of the leadership team.

The CEO restructured the format and timing of the Senior Leadership Team meetings to have a fresh start for the new structure. 

The result has been a significant improvement in the trust and engagement of the leaders, the incidence of collaboration and teaming has lifted considerably, and the desired cultural attributes have been passed on to the line management teams through the positive role modelling by the CEO and Senior Leaders.

These results were measured through the use of regular pulse surveys conducted by Flexion, with feedback provided to the Leaders and the staff generally.  The changes in attitude and collaboration had exposure at the Board level through their observation and through the CEO reporting.