We want a culture that will deliver our desired future-state....

We want a culture that will deliver our desired future-state....


The CEO of a public company, which is a leader in its field, contacted Mike Watson and described how his business had led the industry for 15 years – but he knows that there are fundamental shifts in the industry which his organisation is not able to respond to. He felt that the culture and business model would need to transform if they were to continue their market success. The CEO asked Mike to assess the situation and to advise on a viable solution.



The diagnostic process was extensive and took around three months. Flexion recognised that the culture started at the Board level and the CEO and the Chairman agreed to include the Board in the diagnostic process. The elements were:

  • One-on-one structured and formal interviews with each Board member, with the CEO and with each of the members of the senior leader group of the company, covering strategic, governance and cultural matters

  • An online survey of all staff covering organisational values and communication; perceptions of how to be successful in the company; workplace behaviours; engagement and productivity; personal resilience; the working environment; and attitudes to continuous learning.

  • A review of operational information providing indicators of organisational health and staff well-being.

The findings were outlined to the Chairman and CEO ahead of formal reports and presentations to the Board and to all staff. While the results were very confronting to the CEO and Board, they resolved to move forward and asked Flexion to design a viable path to provide sustainable solutions to the issues found.

Flexion designed an integrated package of solution sets that addressed the key drivers of performance and the cultural change required to engage the staff and the Board in the desired transformation of the organisation.

Having formally presented the proposed solution, Flexion commenced the implementation process by working alongside the CEO and his restructured senior leadership team, in a phased adoption of the targeted solution sets. A key element of the solution was the establishment and embedding of a set of realistic, but aspirational, values and associated behaviours. These Values were developed through Flexion leading the staff in a ‘self-discovery’ process to arrive at a set of four value statements that they believed represented the culture they required to achieve their aspirations for the organisation in the future.

A series of ‘pulse surveys’ measured the progress being made across the eight solution sets and the results over 12 months showed significant improvement in the desired areas of leadership, workplace behaviours and engagement.

At a Board meeting 18 months after the commencement of the diagnostic, the Chairman, CEO and several Board members commented that they believed it was a very different organisation now - one that was future focused and much more aligned with the business objectives required for success.