Strategic Reviews

Strategy development is not a ‘set and forget’ discipline for any organisation, large or small. Your firm’s strategy is the pathway to the achievement of your business objectives and the realisation of your vision. It requires revisiting and fine-tuning on a regular basis.

It must be clear and unambiguous at all levels across your business. It will say what you will do, and what you won’t do. It will differentiate you from others while making clear your purpose for being and the experience your stakeholders can expect to receive.

In simple terms - it defines ‘what business to do, and how to do the business’.

Mike has extensive knowledge and experience in advising organisations on how to develop and fine-tune their business strategy. He works extensively with individual entrepreneurs, start-up business leaders, Boards of long-established organisations, and those who just want a second opinion and sounding-board for their thinking.

He is recognised for his strong business acumen and his ability to get to the critical industry and service-line issues quickly. Mike is able to balance his extensive consulting experience with his strong background as a CEO and Director in a broad range of industry types and economic circumstances.